Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Uttanasana in the Yoga Makaranda

The first posture in the table of Primary group in Yogasanagalu is Uttanasana. Here's some of what what Krishnamacharya has to say about it in Yoga makaranda from a few years before.

1. Uttanasana Notes from Yoga Makaranda

'Stand erect. Afterwards, while exhaling the breath, slowly bend the upper part of the body (that is the part above the hips) little by little and place the palms down by the legs.

The knees must not be even slightly bent.

Raise the head upwards and fix the gaze on the tip of the nose. While doing this draw in clean air through the nostril, hold the breath firmly and maintain this position.

This is called sahitha kumbhaka.

After remaining here for some time, exhale the breath (that was being held) out very slowly through the nostril, lower the head and place it on the knees.

Do not inhale at this stage.

Draw the breath in while raising the head and exhale the breath out while lowering the head - this must be practiced according to one's strength and capability.

This sthiti is called uttanasana

After remaining in this stithi for some time return to asana stithi.

There are eight forms of uttanasana

This is the first form.

There are 3 Vinyasa for this'.
from Krishnamacharya and Ranganathadesikachar translation of Krishnamacharya's Yoga Makaranda

Later I'll add notes for Uttanasana from Yogasanagalu to compare, assuming it's discussed in the later text.

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